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LED-Sternenhimmel für Sauna und Infrarotkabine

Farblicht-Sternenhimmel von E4S LED und Saunatechnik GmbH

Starry Sky

Starry sky, based on latest fibre and LED technology, is applicable in saunas and infrared cabins as well as steam baths and baths.

Starry Sky is manufactored according to client's wishes regarding length, number of fibre etc.

Allow yourself, your clients or your guests a completely unique experience of coloured lighting.

We are happy to introduce to you our innovative ideas in lighting using devices such as Lightsticks and Lightspots.

Preferably, Sarry Sky is combined with our Mammoth.

The entire electroncs run above sauna's or infrared cabin's ceiling and, thus, outside the high-temperature interior. For that reason, its long service is guaranteed. The lighting effect is simply fabulous.

We will be happy to answer your request and customize your proposal to your expectations of your LED Starry Sky in terms of equipment, length of fibre, number of light dots etc.

Contrary to Lightsticks, Lightspots can be replaced from the interior of sauna or infrared cabin. The lighting effects are just as fascinating.

Fibre technology can be readily combined with Lightsticks or Lightspots.

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Starlight Sternenhimmel in Fasertechnik Lightspots a.d. Decke / Mammut Glasstab a.d. Decke Referenzobjekt SSC, Leonding Lightstick - Sternenhimmel High Power Sternenhimmel next previous close High Power Sternenhimmel High Power Sternenhimmel Lightspot eingebaut Lightspot Mammut Glasstab mit WL/CL Projektor Däumling Sternenhimmel mit 2 m Fasern