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E4S LED und Saunatechnik GmbH


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Rücklehnen-Beleuchtung für die Sauna

Indirekte LED-Beleuchtung von E4S LED und Saunatechnik GmbH

Ambient light of highest quality

Top-class Backrest lighting.

High-end LED technology illuminates wall or ceilng of your sauna in warm white or coloured RGB.

Six programs for automatic colour change. Eight selectable colours. Coloured lights are dimmable via remote control.

Line Lights make visiting your sauna an absolute treat from start to finish.

E4S manufactores indirect lighting of various kinds.

LE4S backrest lighting is able to sustain high temperatures up to 120 °C.

Backrest ligjhting can be sychronised with corner lights, fibre lighting for the starry sky or the coloured light panel "classic", please inquire directly with us.

Range of temperature:  - 20  to  120º C

For detailed written information, please visit our catalgue at  Online-Katalog.

Rücklehnenbeleuchtung durchgehend Referenz Butenas Holzbauten, Knüllwald-Remsfeld Rücklehnenbeleuchtung Infrarotkabine u. Sauna Referenz Butenas Holzbauten, Knüllwald-Remsfeld Referenz Fitnesspartner AG, CH - Heiden Rücklehnenbeleuchtung warmweiss und RGB Referenz Butenas Holzbauten, Knüllwald-Remsfeld Referenz Butenas Holzbauten, Knüllwald-Remsfeld Line Lights verbaut im Acrylrohr Linelight im Aluprofil