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Line Light – Leuchten – Lichtplanung von E4S

LED Leuchten auf Maß aus Dortmund

Line Light

Line Lights have been developed to withstand extremely high temperatures (range of temperature -20 °C - + 100/max. 110 °C). Further special emphasis has been given to design a descreet lighting which is able to provide optimal light output.

LineLights as an inhouse-production are applicable in saunas and infrared cabins, e.g. as backrest lighting or as ceiling lighting. Line Lights are available in RGB or in white / warm white.

As for steam baths and baths application, Line Lights are encapsulated in premium steel profiles and sealed with a clear or satined resin formula to be resistant against water, steam and extreme conditions of air humidity. Water- and steamproofed, Line Lights can be applied variously as direct or indirect sources of light.

E4S products are tailor-made, regarding measure, size, place of application etc. The LED circuit board and its housing are developed project-relatedly.  

Line Lights can be variously controlled. Especially the commercial sector requires unit control via LAN oder DMX. In the private sector, remote control is rather convenient.

Contact us directly! E4S has various solutions for you provided in order to design your individual lighting!

Due to inhouse-production and high quality standards, E4S Line Lights are variously applicable. Thus, they are a convenient solution for your special request.

For detailed written information, please visit our catalogue at Online-Katalog.

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