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E4S Flex - Stripes für Temperaturbereiche bis max. 50° und max. 85° C

Die flexible LED-Beleuchtung

Flex Lines

Flex Lines are a practical and flexible lighting by E4S. In length, the strips are individually adaptable and ideally suited as niche lighting, e.g. as lighting on top of the wardrobe. Naturally, the various types are available as a waterproof version (protection IP 68).

Flex-Lines can be installed firmly into aluminium frames developed by E4S, which on request, can be sealed by using a specially developed resin formula by E4S in order to protect them from moisture. Thus, as water- and steamproofed version (protection 68), they can be used in baths and steam baths.

Flex Lines are available in various types, with coloured light RGB technology and with different white tines.  2700 K - 6500 K, project-relatedly customised, planed and conducted by E4S.

Apart from the steamproofed version (protection IP 68), E4S develops customised solutions for your lighting.

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Flex Lines Alu-Profile für Flex Lines Dampfbadbeleuchtung mit Flex Lines