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Beleuchtung für Dampfbad und Nassbereich

E4S-Leuchten für jeden Anspruch

High end Sainless Steel "build-in" lamps


This lighting solution by E4S developed for steam baths and wet areas meets virtually all highest demands.

The housing of the"build-in" lamps are resistent to chlorine and salt and applicable in wet areas due to their high end stainless steel quality V4A (1.4404). For different situations of installation, the high end stainless steel "buil-in" lamp can be produced to provide IP 68 as type of protection or contain an customised LED circuit board.

E4S develops and produces in Dortmund, designs project-relatedly and produces customised and accurately.




Check on your lights

Due to their cunning optical phenomenon of light scatter, at best, the position of the LEDs can only be guessed. Their flush-mounted and build-in design creates clear and timeless elegance.

Being manufactured with stainles steel (V4A), E4S's "build-in" lamps can be installed in wet areas, steam baths or even in saunas. Since being robust to be walk- and passable, "build-in" lamps made out of high end stainless steel can be installed ouside as well. As for mounting, you will receive specially designed sleeves.

We have provided various examples of how to achieve indirect lighting by using high-end stainless steel "buil-in" amps.

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FL 50-3 Edelstahl V4A Einbauleuchte IP 67 WL/CL 30- Einbauleuchte Deckel Edelstahl hier in Echtgold-Ausführung WL/CL- Einbauleuchte Edelstahl / Deckel Echtgold FL 30 Edelstahl V4A Einbauleuchte IP 67 FL50-3 Edelstahlleuchte V4A - pulverbeschichtet IP 67 Unispot, Edelstahl vergossen, IP 68, als Set kompl. mit Einbauhilfen und Ansteuerung Alu-LED vergossen IP 68 Referenz Fitnesspartner AG, CH-Heiden Alu-LED, vergossen, IP 68, Dampfbad/Duschbeleuchtung auf Maß konfektioniert Beleuchtete Eisschale durch FL 50-3. Referenz Fitnesspartner AG, CH - Heiden Unispot Deckeneinbau Referenz Fitnesspartner AG, CH-Heiden E4S Einbauhülse mit Rand bündig, 110 mm Durchm. für Einbau einer FL 30/ FL 50/ E4S Einbausituation mittels Einbauhilfe E4S Einbauhülse mit Rand, mit Abstand, 110 mm Durchmesser für den Einbau von FL 50/30 und WL/CL 30 FL 50-3 kleiner Deckel / großer Deckel WL/CL 30