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Die Wirkung von Farben und Farblicht

Alles über die Kraft der Farben

Coloured light

Various scientists and scholars have dealt on the powers of colours, inter alia Plato, Goethe, Isaac Newton and many more. All have come to the conclusion that colours highly affect our perception and well-being. We are not fully aware of this fact, but its effects take place without our conscious involvement.

According to the current state of science, light generelly refers to shaft movement with different frequences (oscillations per second). That we perceive light as blue or red,e.g., really depends on the speed of the shaft movement.

Just as music affects us accoustically, light affects our mood and wellbeing through visual senses when we perceive different colours of light. Hence, visually perceived colours evoke emotions and, thus, influence our psyche and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, even in alternative medicine, coloured light therapy brings promissing success. In alternative medicine, Coloured light is used in addition to homeopathy, Bach floweers extracts, acupuncture and megnetic field therapy.

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