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Dear valued customer, dear valued business partner,

At E4S, sauna design & architecture is understood as customer design. Through innovative forms and material solutions, we launch to provide LED products specially designed for sauna in particular and other types of wellness retreats containing high temperatures and intense air humidity. Especially developments in lighting, lights, sounds, music or even scents or fragrance infusions applied in sauna architecture gains in importance to create the sauna atmosphere in which body & mind can respond to its restoring powers.

Our LED products contribute to creating a comfortable and widely unique atmosphere for sauna, steam baths and wellness areas. One click is all it takes to experience one world of colourful ease after another. Ten years ago, this was simply out of reach. It has become possible due to our development of high end LED technology, which is able to withstand even temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, as well as the development of refined control devices. Combined with our electric engineering, colour change works smoothly and its tone stays warmly and bright – colour changes are flicker-free, without any loss in intensity. Thus, they are also applicable to steam baths and infrared cabins as well as to rooms dedicated to meditation.

Depending on place of action and the tone of colour with which the lights are equipped, our LED technology manages the service life of 50.000 hours in use, consuming five times or even up to twenty times less energy than a regular light bulb. Further beneficial is certainly how convenient they are to install – a modicum of steps is all it takes. With over 10.000 products, gadget devices and appliances installed throughout Europe, we have been able to improve and wider the range in customer design continuously. Helpful and seminal have been numerous clients’ ideas and notions for which to put into practice we have developed individualized and customized solutions in order to make colour-coordinated retreats to lean back and relax possible.

Most of our products in this catalogue can be optionally combined providing an ocean of colours to your wellness. In times of stress determining our everyday life, it has become more and more important to do something good for oneself, restoring one’s inner batteries, our sources of power and energy, & seeking relaxation holistically.  

Find our catalogue inspiring? You may obtain products through your sauna installer or directly at E4S.

Sincerely yours

Andreas Bischoff, Master in Engineering

E4S LED und Saunatechnik GmbH